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The thing that stuck out to me the most about “Yours” was the fact that the characters’ roles were reversed in a way. Usually in relationships like Allison and Clark’s the older person is the one who passes away first. This was even mentioned in the story when Allison found a letter from one of Clark’s relatives. “’You’re an old fool,’ Allison read, and, ‘You’re being cruelly deceived.’” The letter was most likely referring to the age difference between the couple, stating that Clark was foolish for believing his wife actually loved him and that Allison was probably only with him for money. It was thought that Allison was just waiting for Clark to die so she could get a check, but in reality, it was Clark who was waiting for Allison’s death – not in a vindictive or selfish way, but simply because it was inevitable.

As for the jack-o’-lanterns, I believe that Clark was trying to tell Allison that having passion and enjoying your hobbies is just as important as being “good” at them. So because she was truly having fun carving the pumpkins, hers were better than his because of it. I think that the jack-o’-lanterns were a parallel to life, as well. Just because Clark had a longer life than Allison didn’t mean that hers was any less important. Even though she knew it would be short, she still made the most of her life. She continued doing things she loved until the very end, and she was with someone she loved and who loved her in turn, and because of that, hers was a life well-lived.

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