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“The Liar”

As a reader, I felt as though this story was interesting. It was interesting because of the perspective changes that took place and the overall flow of the story. I had noticed in the story that the little boy had developed a lying problem after the death of his father.  However, I thought the most interesting part about the story was how it both began and ended with a lie.  He was telling information and expressing emotions he was not able to experience.  He told things about his mother that he wasn’t able to share because there was no way he could have known about them.

As a writer I found the story to be, like I said before, interesting; however I was not totally intrigued. I loved that the author used lies to began and end the story, but I feel like the story at times was confusing to understand.  The overall flow of the story was great, but it was hard to follow because you could never tell what information you were getting was either true or not.  I guess that’s another reason why this story was so interesting because even though things were a problem for me, they also worked for me as a reader.

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