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The  short story “Fatso” was a beautifully written love story that really resonated with me.  Often times in stories you never hear or in this case read from the perspective of the role of the male.  In this story the man talks about his girlfriend and how she changes at night to a different person.  At first when I was reading this story I thought that this story had to have been some type of fantasy story because the author described the woman’s transformation differently.  I compared it to the transformation that Fiona makes in the movie Shrek.  In the movie Fiona transformed at night into a creature and during the day she was a beautiful princess.  Which is pretty much the same thing that occured in the story that the author wrote. However, after readin the story for the second time it was obvious that the author was using the fact that the woman turned into a man at night as a metaphor.  What the author was basically was saying was that his grilfriend at night turned into his bestfriend.  He was able to watch sports, drink beer and whatever else he wanted to do because this women he was with turned into his bestfriend as the relationship progressed.  I found that to be the thing about this story.

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