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“Burning Bright”

The greatest victory of Ron Rash’s “Burning Bright” is his ability to create a setting that is not out of thin air.  When it comes to the location, he does not have the luxury of fiction.  He chose to write about a real place and it is my opinion that he did an amazing job.  While reading the story,shore_presidio I was able to see the small town Marcie and Carl live in, but more importantly, I could hear the radio and feel the heat off of the dirt.  I lived in the area he chose to write about and reading this story made me homesick on a level that typically is only reached by watching UT football.  Rash’s ability to create a setting that is believable is his greatest skill and this story is the perfect example of that.   The way he sets the scene is as impressive as the scene itself.  He never just describes the town, but instead gives the reader details through the eyes of Marcie, which never comes across as awkward despite the fact that Marcie has lived in the town for her entire life.  All in all, I read the story a couple times because of how close to home it made me feel, and I believe that is a testament to the overall quality of Rash’s writing.

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