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This essay stuck out to me because of the way the author spoke about listening to music during her teenage years. As someone who was quite obsessed with certain bands and music in general, especially during my early teen years, it was something I could relate to. When she describes how the music video for “The Scientist” was the “Most Beautiful Thing I Had Ever Seen,” it made me remember feeling that way myself – even if I no longer see the appeal in the music videos I once loved.

She then goes on to write, “I cannot imagine Coldplay’s music as a shared and communal experience, though such an experience is arguably fundamental to the very roots of music itself, because my teenage relationship with them was solitary and internal. For me, they embodied emotion itself. The minute I imagine Coldplay as a band that can be heard and scrutinized by other people, I can hear how they actually sound: cheap and sentimental.”

This is something else I remember experiencing, feeling like bands and songs belonged only to me and that others who listened to them didn’t understand or feel it like I did. It is such a teenage feeling, the idea that only your favorite musicians understand you and that only you understand them in return. While not everyone listened to Coldplay growing up, the experiences the author describes are something anyone who ever felt a connection with a certain musician can remember and relate to. Music is a retreat from the roller coaster of emotions that feel unique to you only. While most people tend to grow out of this feeling, listening to albums you used to adore from that crazy time can take you back, allowing you to relive your thoughts and emotions. Whether you were a teenager two years ago or twenty, it’s something you never really forget.

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  1. ratliff16 says:

    Reading Lena Moses-Schmitt’s reflection and deconstructed teenage relationship with music resonated with me as well. Songs that once made my “Of All Times” list are now songs that I rarely finish.

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