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In comparison to The Beach Boys, Coldplay is very similar in some ways but they are also very different. The Beach Boys are happy and carefree in their music; their music is the kind that you hear in older movies where the setting is somewhere like California. I also noticed while listening to the music that it was really kind of catchy and good change-the-mood-of-someone music. Coldplay’s music, however, is very melancholy,┬áthe type of music that most people would listen to when they were having a bad day or something sad was going on in their life. I mostly connected well with the Coldplay album, not just because it’s more of a modern style, but because I wasn’t really into the Beach Boys. It’s something that I wouldn’t listen to in my home because I was raised on different styles of music.

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  1. I’ve done some editing here, but remember that your aim should be to examine the craft of writing — in this case, writing about music. What happens in these two essays? How are they structured? What do we take from them?

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