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I have never listened to Coldplay very much, and I probably couldn’t recognize one of their songs off of A Rush of Blood to the Head, unless it was “Clocks.”  Maybe it was because I was still very young when this album came out, but I have never felt the need to dislike Coldplay the way the author of the Rolling Stone essay did.  Listening to the album, though, I can see why it was as popular as it was.  As many of the songs in A Rush of Blood to the Head were written not long after September 11th, the aftereffects of these attacks are present in the songs.  One song that this is very apparent in is “Politik.”  Part of the second verse reads: “And in confusion, confidence/ Give me peace of mind and trust/ And don’t forget the rest of us.”  These words call for peace and cooperation, something that was hard to come by in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks.

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