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“The Girl with Antlers” is unlike any other poem I’ve read. While that may not be many, I’ve still read enough to know that this one stands out. It reads almost like prose; it was easy to lose myself in the way the lines flowed rather than think about how I was supposed to read it due to line breaks. From the title itself, the poem captures readers’ attention, and they remain hooked for the rest of the poem. The use of asterisks is something that does not seem common in the world of poetry, but here it helps the story flow beautifully. The language (“A terrified midwife named me Monster and left me in the pine woods with only the moon,” “When I awoke I was alone in solitude’s blue woods”) sets the whimsical, fantastic tone of the poem without overdoing it. It made me feel like I was really there with this wild, antlered girl, experiencing the world as she did. “The Girl with Antlers” definitely caught my attention and made me want to read more of Elkins’s works.

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