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This was a poem that made me think. It was a poem about relaxing – until it wasn’t. The tone was calm and peaceful, and I could see the scene so clearly in my mind: lying in a hammock on a summer day, a gentle breeze blowing, just watching the day go by. And then suddenly, with the last line, everything changes. “I have wasted my life.” It was so sudden and such a contrast from the rest of the poem. Upon reading the poem again, I noticed another meaning to the seemingly peaceful words. I noticed that this wasn’t just a day of relaxation, but a day like any other. The butterfly, the cows, and the hawk each do the same things they do every single day of their lives. For them, that is all there is. For a person, there is so much more. That last line changed the perspective of the poem drastically, and I could then see that the speaker probably viewed himself like these animals: doing the same, dull things over and over, day after day. This is a feeling that many people experience at some point in their lives, and Wright expressed these feeling in a way that was clear without being obvious: loneliness and disappointment disguised as peace and tranquility.

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