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But now one summer later, I was hanging out with the popular girls. I was wearing their clothes, which I realized was part of the problem. I was not like my friends.


In Emily Rapp’s memoir, “Poster Child”, we see a first person point of view being used. From reading these chapters, we see that she is reflecting on her past experiences and adding to her thoughts about these experiences, based on what she has learned as being an adult. Like when she was she was wearing her friends clothes, which she realized was part of the problem. At the time when her friend gave her these clothes she was excited to wear them but then she realized that she never should have taken those clothes in the first place. In class we asked the question, why would anyone want to read our stories? I think that Emily Rapp has a story that many people can relate to but she has a different perspective on things, and that makes it interesting for the reader. In one of the chapters she is telling us a story about being out with her friend. She starts out by saying she is in the car on the way to a party and she keeps trailing off and telling us about other things before she continues her story. This is a good way of keeping the reader interested and wanting to keep reading to figure out where they are going.

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