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I appreciated the way Boggs used point of view to make her short story stronger. I had never read anything where each paragraph is written from a different character’s point of view, and I think that because this story was short, it worked beautifully and wasn’t overwhelming. That being said, I don’t think that this would work for a longer piece because it would become impossible to keep up with. By giving the audience an look inside the minds of the people left behind on opening day, Boggs is portraying how the men who left that day affect the lives of each and every person in the school in one way or another. The part that really stood out the most to me was the last paragraph where the character the audience is living through is a young deer. This was memorable because it is fairly unusual to see this being done, unless in a Disney movie or children’s book, and especially only over the span of a single paragraph. I feel as though I got a massive amount of information out of a four-page story, which greatly impressed me, and shows the immense talent Boggs possesses in regards to the way she is able to portray a series of events in a brief, yet effective manner.

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