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I really liked the recurrence of “imperial chrysanthemum” throughout this piece. Not only is it the perfect title for this piece, it is also the distinct pattern on Cutie’s antique and highly valuable silverware collection, which the reader comes to learn is the main focus of this story .  Boggs is very descriptive and uses lots of imagery when describing Cutie’s house, Cutie’s mannerisms and nuances, and the narrator’s boat (the Mattaponi Queen). I was surprised at the end of the story when the reader finds out that after all the trouble Cutie and the narrator went to to try to find the silverware, Cutie gives in and ends up just taking the money for the stolen silverware. I liked how Boggs included the detail that Cutie never cashes the check-she keeps it hidden away under a jar on her dresser. This story’s conclusion captures Cutie’s essence and stubbornness one last time before the end of the story and leaves the reader feeling surprised, understanding, and sympathetic towards Cutie and her “lost” silverware.

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