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I loved the relation between ‘Election Day’ and ‘Imperial Chrysanthemum’. It is brilliant the way Belle Boggs uses two stories to show two different point of views. ‘Imperial Chrysanthemum’ is told in Loretta’s point of view and it doesn’t portray Cutie in the best light. She is a stubborn, annoying old woman that Loretta has to deal with. But in ‘Election Day’, we see that there is so much more to Cutie then was shown in the first story. She is hurting and even though she can be stubborn there are reasons for that. She really does have feelings and is actually very lonely. I really liked that Boggs separated this into two different stories because it added more depth to the characters, in my opinion. If she had talked about both in one story I don’t think we would have gotten as much out of both characters.

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