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I really liked how Boggs used point of view throughout “Deer Season.” The point of view changes at the beginning of each new paragraph and is an interesting way to not only move the plot along but also to provide¬†some insight into the thoughts and feelings of some of the people at the school in this story. I also thought it was interesting that Boggs included the perspective of one of the boys who stayed behind and did not go deer hunting. I was surprised that one of the boys stayed behind because in the beginning of the story, the narrator says that “on the first day of deer season the high school is deserted by all the boys.” However, I like how including the boy’s perspective gives the audience a sense of what it’s like to go to this school and¬†how the other boys (the “rednecks,” as the boy refers to them) treat girls and boys like himself who go to the same school. This short story is full of descriptions about the same class and the same school, yet they’re all different because they’re told from different perspectives. I like how the end of this story brings the story full circle and leaves the reader with a “take-away” feeling (in this story, feeling bad for the innocent deer the boys are out hunting).

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