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I really enjoyed the detail that went into describing the relationship between the seemingly single father and his children.  I was able to get the sense of how much the father cared for them and enjoyed being a dad with all the dad corniness that comes with it.  I think the author did a really good job at characterizing the dad’s simple enjoyment of his children by the use of bad dad jokes sprinkled throughout the story, and the listing of normal, everyday activities.  The everyday activities bring the story to life because it provides to us, the reader, an insight and different perspective to actions that we may take for granted in a way because they seem so common and every day to us.  It is these common everyday interactions of taking a drive, of eating out for lunch, killing time with jokes that aren’t necessarily funny, of sibling bicker, of toughing out a storm together in sleeping bags that help turn something simple into something heartwarming and real.

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