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I really liked how this story was told in a way that makes it real and relatable to the reader (it dealt with emotionally complicated and tough situations that many people in the real world go through and can relate to). For example, Ronnie (the main character in this story) must learn to cope with her husband’s injury (he was a soldier who lost a limb in the line of duty). In addition, Ronnie struggles with being unhappy in her marriage, ending up just like her mother (marrying someone because it was the right thing to do and ultimately ending up being stuck on the reservation, the one place she swore she would move away from as soon as she was old enough), and with her unexpected and untimely pregnancy. Boggs develops a clear voice throughout this story and uses lots of imagery to help establish the setting. The narrator uses this imagery as a metaphor for her loneliness as well as her yearning for freedom from the conformities of the life she is living.

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