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It always shocks me how dynamic the characters Boggs creates are, specially for such short stories. To create such a strong image of who a character is and their importance to the role of the story in such a limited number of pages is truly an art form that I aspire to obtain someday. You have been telling our class all semester that when we are writing to not lay everything out for the reader, that we need to let them come to their own conclusions at certain times, and that is exactly what Boggs did with this piece. She ended the story without a true, traditional conclusion/wrap up paragraph and let the audience come up with their own ending based on what they personally “saw” when reading this story. I think that this story especially really was a great example of what you have been saying, and I plan to use this as a guide for the next story I write, and see if I can execute it as flawlessly as she does here.

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