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This story has a clear voice from the beginning. Not only that, but each character that you come into contact with has their own specific voice. Boggs does such a great job at giving very direct details, such as

Cutie’s two rooms are the kitchen and the sunroom, where she has her daybed and her desk and two sitting chairs. There’s a ceiling fan and a little table where I serve her a cold lunch, Monday through Friday, and an early hot supper (31).

but also subtle details that really add to the depth of the story, such as

I never had any babies, but that was not my choice. And besides, I was always focused (33).

With that one small sentence, Boggs gives away a whole new side to the narrator. Boggs does this throughout the story, and I think it makes the characters’ personalities stand out more. There are also very deep moral questions that are brought up throughout the story that leave you questioning what you would do in that situation.

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