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When I am feeling nice I think about me and Cutie doing something with the money, going to South Carolina to the beach for the winter maybe, or taking a trip to Italy, away from all these fools. On my meaner days I go to the drawer at Tamara’s. I like the cold, briny taste of a silver spoon in my mouth.

In Belle Boggs ‘Imperial Chrysanthemum,’ Loretta’s voice shines through with her subtle, yet noticeable, sass. The way in which she handles the demeaning situation of being Cutie’s nurse, is both comical and understandably draining. She helps this woman with everything in her life, but she is not in desperate need of a nurse. To top it all off, the intricate history Loretta and her family have with the Young’s makes for an interesting relationship between Loretta and Cutie, yet they do not speak of it. In the paragraph above, the relationship is seen as sometimes caring and other times revengeful. It can also been seen that the voice of Loretta is strong and present in this paragraph with the word choice when describing wanting to get away from those ‘fools.’

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