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I found it interesting that Boggs decided to write this story as a continuation of sorts of her short story “Imperial Chrysanthemum” from earlier in Mattaponi Queen. I liked how Boggs switched the point of view of this story even though she is continuing to write about Cutie and Loretta (this story is told from Cutie’s point of view whereas “Imperial Chrysanthemum” is told from Loretta’s point of view). After reading this story, my view/opinion of Cutie changed. Before reading “Election Day” and having only read “Imperial Chrysanthemum”, I thought Cutie was a stubborn, bossy, pain in the rear old lady who had absolutely nothing to do with her life aside from giving her nurse and family a hard time. However, after reading this story, I found that Cutie is a just a lonely old lady who really does care but who puts on airs to hide how she truly feels.

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