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This was such a beautiful portrayal of what life is like with a transgender family member. This is still such a taboo topic for some reason, so being able to gain a better understanding through this piece was incredible. I think that Boggs took a very sensitive subject and was able to tell a story without either tiptoeing around certain subjects, or offending anyone and I think that is very hard to do in these particular situations. One element of Boggs’ writing that always sticks out to me is how she never gives the audience a stereotypical ending. The majority of her pieces end after the closure of a seemingly insignificant scene, and especially in this story it was very frustrating because I was left with so many questions. Did the daughter end up coming around? Did Jonas get the full operation? How do the mindsets of each character change as time goes on? It is both frustrating and impressive how she is able to do this, but to be honest it is more frustrating. I want answers, I am not the type of person who is creative enough to come to my own conclusions I need someone else to do that for me. That being said however, I did greatly enjoy her work and respect her as an author.

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