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It was interesting how the author presented a few characters and gave insight to their perspectives. It felt strange for such a short story to have so many different perspectives, but the author did a great job in clearly separating the characters so it was never confusing. They all talked in different ways about how the absence of the hunting boys effected them. It gave the remaining people time to think and reflect on more than they usually would have because they normally have to keep their guard up. When reading this short story, I had flashbacks to when I was in high school. The first week of hunting season was a time when most people could relax and not have to worry about getting catcalled or spoken down to, and the teachers would use this time to do more ‘fun’ projects that would have most definitely been made fun of by the hunting boys. At the end of the story, the point of view switches from a person’s mind to an animal’s mind, specifically a deer’s mind. It makes the reader realize that the few times the boys are gone from terrorizing and controlling the school, they terrorize the wildlife. The destruction isn’t gone, it’s just been redirected. Except this time, it’s okay for them to kill.

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