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I really enjoyed reading this story because it really drew me in and pushed me to keep reading until the end. It had moments of darkness in it that caught my attention and left me wanting to know more. When the narrator wants to know the truth, the reader also wants to know the truth. The story always kept me in suspense, and even after finding out the truth, I found myself wanting to know more.  The story narrates a person’s entire childhood in such little time but still manages to precisely explain hows she’s feeling. Being not that much older than the character and the same gender, I could relate to the story at times. It reminds me of the innocence and confusion of my childhood and the things that I was unaware of as a child but now completely understand. Even just having sisters, I found the story relatable. It also reminds me of the people I have grown apart from between now and my childhood. The entire story is very easy to visualize in my head. All of the settings I see as the home and buildings I spent my childhood in. I can easily visualize things like the cracked doll or the wings the main character was going to wear. Overall, I very much enjoyed reading this story and wished that it was even longer.

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