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I enjoyed reading Belle Boggs, “Good News for a Hard Time” because it was an intriguing story with lots of detail and new perspectives. Although I’ve never been in the position of the narrator, I was able to¬†feel how she was feeling because it was relatable. The author’s use of detail made it easy to envision all of the settings and surroundings. Her detail also made it easy to envision the characters and their attitudes. For example it was easy to picture the characters like skinny or the people living in the neighborhood. The story contains a running problem of the narrator having to tell her husband that she is pregnant and this issue is never resolved. While reading the story I felt myself distressed by the stress the narrator was feeling. The narrator is also dealing with the issue of her husband having his arm amputated and getting situated with his new lifestyle. This story contained many little background stories inside of it. For instance the story about Ronnie’s mother running off to hollywood or the story about Ronnie dropping out of college. In such a short story, the reader is able to understand very complicated things about the narrators life.

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