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This was one of my favorite stories we have read so far. I loved that it read as a  simple piece, but had a lot going on and was able to tie the past, present, and future into the story within three pages which in and of itself is impressive. I enjoyed Tallen’s use of repetition and parallel structure as devices of delay in this story. There is also an abundance of contrasts, such as his wife driving exactly 55 miles per hour while he typically does 80. There is also a great contrast shown between the narrator and Jack’s visions for the future, which makes sense since in situations like this. One person is much more attached than the other which I feel many of us can relate to. Overall I thought it was interesting to get an inside look at what it is like to be in the husband and mistress’ shoes since we typically only see the wife who is being cheated ons side of the story.

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