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I really liked this short story because of how it ended. As I began to read, I tried to put a picture in my head of how I believed this story would end, or how I thought it should end. The ending would be either nice and heartwarming with Ronnie telling Jeremey about the baby and them being happy, or Jeremey would get upset about her keeping it from him and the story ending with them unhappy. Either way, she had to tell him; The story had to have a conclusion. I think this was a great ending becuase, it leaves the reader wondering, or really imagining themselves, how it will end. We leave off with the couple walking up to this party and everyone is smiling and happy just to see each other. This seems to be a typical family gathering for a cookout and Jeremey, after all he has been through, is really happy just to see familiar faces and to see the dogs. He doesn’t  need the news of his wife being pregnant to make him happy. So, being said, I really like having this unknown ending for myself to put together an ending of what I think would have happened.

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