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I really enjoyed this story, and enjoyed seeing all the different personalities of each of the characters and the different ways in which they all interacted with one another, especially once we are able to see more into their backstories the further the story progresses. Cutie’s determination to find her beloved silver is especially interesting and understandable considering her age; at such an old age, it is one of the few things she has left to be proud of and count on to always be there, and in an instant, it is all taken away from her. I thought that the narrator’s strong desire for solitude–a place of her own where she can just be alone–was very understandable as well, considering all that she has been through involving other people and how that could lead her to think that being on her own is the best thing. I also really enjoyed speculating on the future of the character Sammy; will she end up growing up to be just like the women in her family, or will she go on to really make something of herself? Belle Boggs really knows how to create a setting, a situation, and a group of characters–she knows how to make it all feel real. Overall, it was just a very fascinating story to read and see unfold; I couldn’t wait to see what happened next.

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