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Belle Boggs “Jonas”

This short story was very interesting to me because I haven’t come upon many short stories about the transgender transition process and how it affects a family. This topic is something that is still seen as controversial in many societies, so it is great to see it written about in this detail. It is not something that is┬árelatable to most people, so Boggs has to dig deep into the emotions behind what is going on instead of just picking from the surface. Boggs does a great job of keeping the reader engaged and interested in a story that most people can’t relate to, but find intriguing and different. Today’s society needs stories like these in order to help encourage a progressive and accepting world. Melinda wasn’t focused on the huge changes that were happening in her life, but rather how she can support what makes her partner happy. Every couple in the world can stand to take that type of advice. I also appreciated that the story didn’t completely resolve itself. Melinda’s daughter, Jessica, was still very upset and not on speaking terms with Jonas (Joan). Jonas was also in the beginning stages of feeling comfortable with the changes happening to her body. These aspects of the story are what really makes it feel real and makes a mostly unrelatable topic, relatable.

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