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Belle Boggs story “Election Day” is a short story that continues the story “Imperial Chrysanthemum”. It is about a woman named Cutie and her caretaker Lauretta. Cutie is going to vote in the election. There is a depressing theme to the story. Cutie is thinking about her old age and how repetitive the years of her life have been. Seeing people come and go living in the houses near her and going to vote in the election every year she can. Things get worse when she finds out Lauretta is leaving her to move on with her life. Seeing someone much younger than her able to move on with her life and do new things would make her feel even worse about herself. She is constantly in shame of her shaking hands and unable body. “She likes the dark privacy there, no one to see her hand shake as she practices her name first in the air before committing it to paper. Cora Tyler Young, she writes finally in the space for governor” (boggs 178).

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